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Asset-trade front page is a personal project which comes from the work we've done with our customer "artilect" (yeah ideas pop up with communication).

The principle is simple. You want to develop a project and need skills to accomplish it but you don't know where to start to find them, you can start by making an account on

You can look for help by skills and locations from a database of people who are willing to help or want to get part in business projects.

After that, you can make groups with the concerned people and use the platform to work together on.

Unfortunately, we didn't really take the time to develop this project further and it's a bit of a dead project somewhere on the world wide web now. But still, it exists, it pleased us building it and we have some subscription sometimes.

The platform allows you to :

  • See people around you on a map and pop up their skills directly in it.
  • Filter the map by skills so you can quickly see who's near to you with the skills you are looking for.
  • Send private messages to other members.
  • Post projects at a national scope first and when reaching a specific rank to share them with the international community. A ranking system has been implemented based on your activity.

If you have a project and are looking for specific skills to build it, feel free to try the platform.