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Drupal 8 bootstrap 3



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Dynamic page templates done
Asset-trade front page

Asset trade is online shop for used assets based on Drupal flag module to handle quote request. I just took part at the end of the of the project as another developer made all the backend before. The aim was to improve the frontend and user experience. Also the website needed some bugs to be fixed and to automatically print PDF from machines datas.

Because the company used to send PDF documents manually made on word to its clients, the template was already made and needed to be implemented on the website.

Automatically generating PDF document is a really tricky part on Drupal as the PDF libraries uses old CSS versions and not always render them as expected. Also it is hard to get a template fitting all needs as variables change from one product to another. Although, we finally get the expected result and even put some improvement from the original template (like putting a number to each picture so they can get identified quickly).

The front page and the rest of the website also needed to be themed. Using twig templates from Drupal 8 is a really pleasant improvement compared to Drupal 7 PHP templates. In addition to help you fetching variables from Drupal API, it makes it such easier to implement translatable variables which we needed to, because the website is multilingual. is the perfect example of using "assistance" package to add new features to an existing project.