Create a dynamic menu link

How to programmatically create a dynamic menu link (and pass it an argument).

Using Rules with Commerce Funds

Combine the power of Rules with Commerce Funds. Make custom forms and trigger transactions with Rules.

Food delivery platform with Drupal

Building a food delivery platform with Drupal Commerce and Commerce Funds.

How to join user table with another table in views data

How to implement custom views data on Drupal 8 and to join the user table to the query using hook_views_data(). Making a relationship between a user uid and the user table to finally get a fully loaded user object.

Ubercart : Implement a cart item counter

Tutorial about how to implement a cart item counter for ubercart in drupal 7.

Migrate a drupal 6 website to drupal 7

Tutorial to explain how to migrate a drupal 6 website to drupal 7. Even if it has been written as a step by step tutorial, you must have development skills to get it done. You will find useful advises, experience sharing and code snippets to help you achieve your migration.

Implement plus minus button in ubercart cart

In this tutorial we will see how to implement a plus and minus button in ubercart cart. It provides a better UX on desktop and mobile.

Implementing custom forms

In this tutorial we will see how to implement a custom form in drupal 8. Implementing custom forms is a basic if you want to get fully customizable HTML code and make a lot of sens if you are working with toolkit such as bootstrap.