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Hsrehab is a preeminent quality service provider in the area of medicolegal and occupational health related conditions. They needed to simplify their working process and implement a semi-automated triage service through an online platform.

Hsrehab.co.uk is a sophisticated web platform dealing with multiple user types :

  • Administrators
  • Staff users (who actually do the triage)
  • Health care provider (physiotherapist, medicolegal)
  • Clients = Companies which are pointing their employees for health care services through the platform.

The platform allow companies to request for an appointment for their employees which is then treated by hsrehab staff to point it to the competent physiotherapist. They book an appointment together and it's then sent back to the company.

After the appointment between the patient and the physiotherapist actually happen, the physio can fill differents forms which are sent to hsrehab staff for approval.

At the very end of the process, they can directly generate an invoice fetching all relevant process datas and allowing them to save a lot of time for paperwork. Invoice is sent in PDF format to the different parties automatically.

Hsrehab.co.uk is a perfect example of the leverage of all the power of drupal and how it allows to built very complex platform quickly for low cost. It's a long term investement which give them credibility and save them hours of work by automating 80% of the activity process.